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Moeka Hoshizora is a hardworking girl who is passionate about anime, cosplay and video games.
She loves indie games and helping them, please reach out if you need a voice actor for your project!

New Reel Coming Soon!

Moeka Hoshizora Reference Sheet

Name: Moeka Hoshizora
名前: 星空モエカ

Likes: Cats, anime, and video games. Loves her husbandos from different series a lot...sometimes they're very questionable.
好きなもの: 猫、アニメ、ビデオゲーム。イケメンキャラクターが大好き...時には疑わしい男性 (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧

Favorite color: Pink
好きな色: 桃色

Personality: Hardworking girl trying her best. Is a sore loser when it comes to games.
性格: 勤勉な女の子です。ゲームで負けるのが好きではない(눈_눈)

Backstory: A mysterious girl created by stars. She is a space traveler looking for other beings to entertain and become friends with.
On her journey, Moeka found an old time capsule filled with relics from the past and thought the video games and idol videos inside were fun.
裏話: 星がつくる謎の少女。彼女は楽しませると友達になるために他の人間を探している宇宙旅行者です。 過去からの遺物と古いタイムカプセルを発見し、内部のビデオゲームやアイドルのビデオが楽しいと思った。

AKA she is a big weeb

She can speak both English and Spanish. Is currently learning Japanese!

MegaMoeka Press Kit
Recording Equipment  
Microphones: SM7B, RØDE NT1  
Interface: Solid State Logic SSL2, Yamaha AG03 Up to 24bit 192kHz
DAW: Adobe Audition CS6 
Remote Connection:Discord, Source Connect Now, Skype 

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📩: megamoeka(at)gmail(dot)com


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